Wacky weekend Coasteering


After almost a month of beautiful Pembrokeshire sunshine, the rain and murk tried valiantly to make its presence felt this Saturday morning. No matter how much it tried it couldn’t dampen the spirits of the Boden birthday group.

Following what was referred to by a group member as a “memorable” evening of frivolity the previous night, the group arrived a little worse for wear and minus one lady who preferred to sleep off her hangover.

After kitting up with full winter thickness wetsuits, socks, gloves and hoods, plus buoyancy aid, helmet and trainers, it was time to get wet.
Many a scream and curse accompanied the first head to toe dunking

But pretty soon the kit started to work and the shocked faces disappeared

A morning of flips, bombs and flops followed, with some pent up issues being resolved during the trust falls.
A special mention should be made to Lisa for catching the wave of the day in the washing machine, after sea had what can only be described as an allergic reaction to her, spitting her out of the washing machine.
After completing some high jumps in the blue lagoon, it was a quick stop for a photo, then back to the van for tea and medals.

Thanks guys, the CQC Guides won’t forget this one in a hurry!