Farne Islands diving with seals 2019

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We get loads of seals on the Pembrokeshire coast, especially in the autumn. Having heard fellow divers rave about diving with the playful sea bears, we joined a trip with our dive club (Bay Divers). We were not disappointed! Five dives over three days, accommodation exceed our low expectations (2 star hotel), drive was worth it (a little over 9 …

Safari Tents – Glamping with hot tubs!

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We had a fantastic time testing the Safari Tents – Glamping with hot tubs at Celtic Holiday Parks – Noble Court, Narberth Pembrokeshire. The glamping accommodation is fantastic, with a selection of capacities from couples to families of up to 6 people. Stunning location, with superb quality facilities, kitchen area, bathroom and most importantly a water feature with every tent! …

Get Kids Out Learning

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We’re supporting a fantastic initiaitve with the folks over at Tutora… Get Kids Out Learning. Get children out and about doing stuff this summer, visiting local family days out and attractions, who knows maybe even learning things! Get Kids Out Learning was last modified: July 10th, 2017 by Cleopatra

Man Points - Swimming Outdoors in the Winter

Man Points – Swimming Outdoors in the Winter

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A man should always take the opportunity to have an outdoor dip. However, if another man suggests it first then it is absolutely vital to join in or risk looking a sissy. Shameless plug for Pembrokeshire…. *insert one of many beaches here* is perfect for this #WalesAdventure #FindYourEpic Man Points – Swimming Outdoors in the Winter was last modified: February …


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Winter 2015, sat in a local pub with the team, discussing marketing strategies and daft ideas, we had an inspirationally bold idea…. 2016 is Wales Year of Adventure, with that in mind how about sharing a daily adventure! The adventure begins! Follow us on instagram for a daily dose of silliness… #365adventures was last modified: February 22nd, 2017 by Cleopatra

Overhang – Tenby Climbing Wall

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A fantastic day spent checking out Pembrokeshire’s new indoor climbing wall Overhang – Tenby Climbing Wall. With a plethora of problems on the bouldering walls and a bucket load of routes to top rope and lead climb, we were challenged to say the least. Gaz proved that size matters (it’s nothing at all to do with skill and experience). He …

Penguin Awareness Day – Penguin Facts…

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Yep that’s right folks, its’ International Penguin Awareness Day. They may be flightless but here’s some pretty cool facts to get your beaks into <(“) Out of the seventeen penguin species on Earth, thirteen species are classed as either threatened or endangered?! (Thanks to Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo for the heads up) No penguins live at the North …

Testing travel technology

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Took a few days winter sun in Spain, but couldn’t completely abandon the real world. So needed a techy solution. Options take the macbook along with me, opted against due to risk of it getting lost/broken/stolen and its a bit bulky. So onto buying a netbook, tablet or something else. I have the Samsung S4, fantastic phone with all the …

Adios 2013

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So New Years Eve is here, big fiesta organised at Casa del Lucia for tonight. Yet another relaxing start to the day, nip up the playa for a coffee or three and some peach jam on toast mmmmm! Mr T got a call from the hospital, the signal was pants but we got the message that Lucia had been take …

Tapas and beer

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Another bright and sunny start to our day, though after a cheeky lay in! Coffee up the playa, no wind this morning so sitting soaking up the sunshine people watching. There’s a lot of dogs being walked, with their hilarious jackets and hoodies on and many folks running up and down the beach. Out to town for lunch, meeting up …