Celtic Quest Coasteering was established in 2008. While we may not have invented Coasteering, we are working very hard to perfect it!

Our team has an intimate knowledge of the Pembrokeshire coastline, oodles of experience, safety training and of course an infectious enthusiasm for fun and adventure!

We'll supply all the kit including a winter wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet AND wetsuit socks, gloves and a hood as standard!

Reassuringly priced from £50 per person for a half day experience.

Customer Feedback

"Phenomenal experience!"
This is an amazing experience that I highly recommend. I agreed to do this, as many might relate to, only because a friend roped me in. I am not a swimmer, I don't like heights and I am not particularly adventurous. After a long year I thought, what the heck, let's try something new. I went with my friend and my fiance and it was SPECTACULAR. From the moment the staff began handing out equipment, I knew it was going to be fun! They made putting on wetsuits into a bit of a comedy but they were also very careful to explain everything clearly with regards to safety measure and made sure to check everyones helmets and safety vests.
There was this really lovely progression from mini jumps to build confidence, to bigger and cooler jumps. They took wonderful videos and photos and EVERY jump was different. Our guide Jerry was literally the best ever!! He was just super funny and gave us these random poses to strike when we did the jumps which made for hilarious pictures. As I mentioned, I am not a daredevil so I was not too keen on big jumps, but that was literally not a big deal at all. Jerry made sure not to call attention to the fact that I wasn't up for jumps. He realized right away I wasn't planning on doing the biggest ones and he acknowledged it in a very gentle way. When we got to the most olympic of jumps into the Blue Lagoon he made sure to safely indicate where the others would jump and got us all in for a final group video splash and told me I could head to the beach to chill while others got their full adrenaline fill. Totally good for all shapes, sizes, ages (within what is recommended), fear levels, swimming abilities, etc. I couldn't be more grateful to Jerry and the rest of the staff for putting on a wonderful event. Highly recommend!

Written by: Infinitewanderlust1
Date published: 5th April 2021

Whats stopping you? Coasteering is a fun adventure for the whole family. Children as young as 5 years of age can join the activity, specialist child sized kit and equipment is supplied.