Celtic Quest Coasteering, an exciting day out Coasteering at Abereiddy near St Davids. Coasteering in Pembrokeshire is an award winning family adventure. All adventure days finish with cliff jumping at Blue Lagoon Wales, an old slate quarry in North Pembrokeshire. Fully AALA AALS licensed, with liability insurance to facilitate coasteering activities for children as young as 5 years old.

Celtic Quest Coasteering was established in 2008. While we may not have invented Coasteering, we are trying our best to perfect it!

Our team has an intimate knowledge of the Pembrokeshire coastline, oodles of experience, safety training and of course an infectious enthusiasm for fun and adventure!

We'll supply all the kit including a winter wetsuit, buoyancy aid, helmet AND wetsuit socks, gloves and a hood as standard!

Reassuringly priced from £50 per person for a half day experience. Group discounts are available and we also offer gift vouchers.

Adventure Swimming Coasteering in St Davids

Coasteering includes adventure swimming. All the kit floats, so you don't need to be a strong...

Children Coasteering Pembrokeshire Wales

Have fun on the low level stunt jumps, flips, flops, dives and more. Working your way along the...

Cliff Jumping while Coasteering in wales

Our experienced Coasteering Guides will tailor your adventure activity to suit children and...

Coasteering – it’s not just for kids!

Coasteering sessions are tailored to suit adults too. Finish with a cliff jump into the Blue...

Coasteering at Abereiddy in Wales, belly flopping

During your Pembrokeshire Coasteering adventure we'll throw in a wide variety of cliff jumps...

Coasteering Cliff Jumping at Abereiddy with Celtic Quest Coasteering

Coasteering is often described as extreme rock pooling, kayaking without a boat, surfing...

Explore sea caves Coasteering at Abereiddy in Wales

When coasteering at Abereiddy there are several sea caves to explore at low tide. There's some...

Rough water feature at Abereiddy – The Toilet Flush

Wales' coastline has an abundance of water features, especially when coasteering at Abereiddy....

Sea Level Traversing, Coasteering at Abereiddy in Pembrokeshire

Sea level traversing is often called deep water soloing. How far can you climb before gravity...

Customer Feedback

"Family Memories Made For Life!!!"
We had the BEST time Coasteering with Celtic Quest. They ensured we all had the correct gear on before we set off on our adventure ensuring our daughters (8 & 11) also had enough layers to be warm. Our instructors were Tom and Michelle and they made it, as I quoted that day, ' the best thing I had ever done!!' I'm usually the one sat on the side watching the bags and taking the photos but I decided to step out my comfort zone and try something new. I hadn't even swam in the UK Sea before let alone climbing rocks and jumping in!!! Amazing family memories were made that day and I highly recommend anyone releasing their adventurous side with Celtic Quest!!!

Written by: Rachel C
Date published: 23.08.2023

Whats stopping you? Coasteering is a fun adventure for the whole family. Children as young as 5 years of age can join the activity, specialist child sized kit and equipment is supplied.