Celtic Quest Coasteering - Pembrokeshire Wales

Celtic Quest Coasteering Team

Meet the Celtic Quest Coasteering team of Guides, Instructors and Penguins!

Current Coasteering Guide Team

<div id="t20_slider_widget-2" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Cleo</h4>
Signature move: Heel Grab
“I love love love it out there! Coasteering is my favourite, scuba diving is a close second. I'm also a volunteer with the Welsh Marine Life Rescue, rescuing seal pups and other marine life year round!"
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<div id="t20_slider_widget-3" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Jerry</h4>
Signature move: The Long Jump
The joker of the team, this guy should have gills, he just loves the water! Ask him to show you the dive-bomb-flip, its' pretty awesome!! Many many seasons working with the team at Celtic Quest Coasteering down at Abereiddy.
<div id="t20_slider_widget-12" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Miche</h4>
Signature move: Floating Genie
Miche loves working with horses. When not on horseback Miche can be found leaping off the Pembrokeshire coast. Mad keen to get into surfing Miche is a little pocket rocket out there!
Coasteering job vacancy in Pembrokeshire West Wales
Is this you?
2024 Job Vacancy
Are you looking for a new challenge in 2024? Join our team of Coasteering Guides. lots of sea, hopefully some sunshine and buckets of fun. No experience necessary, apply online 2024 Coasteering instructor job vancancy
<div id="t20_slider_widget-21" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Dobby</h4>
Signature move: Mountain goat
Dobby was born a miniature Jack Russell Terrier, turns out he's a perfect mix of x20 different breeds! Trained from an early age, this tiny but mighty dog joins us on many adventures. Currently a fair weather coasteerer (not a fan of cold rainy days!)

Freelance Coasteering Guides

<div id="t20_slider_widget-5" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Gaz</h4>
Signature move: The Flying Squirrel
“I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities; sailing, mountain biking, climbing… Oh and coasteering. There is nothing better than working in the wonderful waves of Pembrokeshire!”
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<div id="t20_slider_widget-8" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Mason</h4>
Signature move: Flipping Dive
"Born and bred in beautiful Pembrokeshire, nothing beats our coastline! A competitive swimmer from an early age, pool lifeguard and beach lifeguard. I'm willing to give anything a go more than once, but there is nothing better than the adrenaline rush you get whilst out coasteering!"
<div id="t20_slider_widget-23" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">George</h4>
Signature move: EPIC Gainer!
A local lad, George grew up messing about on the Pembrokeshire coast. Water confident, a super jumper and great working with clients of all ages, George is a fantastic addition to the team.
<div id="t20_slider_widget-15" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">GazJ</h4>
Signature move: Gainer
Having graduated university studying Outdoor Education in 2021, Gaz is joining Celtic Quest Coasteering for his second season. Not to be confused with the original Gaz, new Gaz is a little taller! A fantastically bonkers Guide with a caring side.
<div id="t20_slider_widget-10" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Eric</h4>
Eric | VIP
Very Important Penguin
Signature move: Penguin Photobomb
"You'll find me involved with everything that Cleo & the team get up to... from joining every Coasteering adventure to messing about at gala nights!"

<div id="t20_slider_widget-11" class="widget widget_t20_slider_widget amr_widget"><h4 class="h-widget">Luke</h4>
Lukey | "Superfly"
Signature move: The Penguin Dive
“Originally a sailing & powerboat instructor, I’ve always done Coasteering as a hobby, then i found out i could get paid to do something I love”. Lukey may have lost his fight with cancer but he will never be forgotten. A legend to work with, we love ya man!
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Coasteering movie, NoFit State Circus performers and crew on an adventure with Celtic Quest Coasteering. Adults have an adrenaline filled adventure with the team.