Celtic Quest Coasteering Team

Meet the Celtic Quest Coasteering team of Guides, Instructors and Penguins!

Current Coasteering Guide Team

  • Before-Cleopatra Browne
    After-Cleopatra Browne
    BeforeCleopatra BrowneAfter
Cleopatra Browne - Founder & MD Celtic Quest Coasteering
Cleo | The Boss
Founder & MD
Signature move: Hold it Heel Grab

“An outdoor pursuits instructor for 18 years, I enjoy sea kayaking, surfing and walking/coasteering with my dogs. Frustrations: finding plastic bottles on our beaches!
Did you know 25 recycled plastic bottles can be used to make an adult’s fleece jacket?”

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  • Before-Gaz Chilton
    After-Gaz Chilton
    BeforeGaz ChiltonAfter
Gareth Chilton - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
“Chief” | Gaz
Chief Instructor
Signature move: The Flying Squirrel

“I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities; sailing, mountain biking, climbing… Oh and coasteering. There is nothing better than working in the wonderful waves of Pembrokeshire!”

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  • Before-JB - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
    After-JB - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
    BeforeJB - Celtic Quest Coasteering GuideAfter
Jerry Browne - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Jerry | Bro
Signature move: …?…

Another addition to the 2017 team, Jerry will be helping out this summer. This guy should have gills, he just loves the water!

  • Before-Rob SKinner
    After-Rob SKinner
    BeforeRob SKinnerAfter
Rob Skinner - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Rob | the pirate?
Signature move: …?…

Local surfer and all round great guy. Rob joined the team in 2017, we’re pretty sure he’s a pirate!

  • Before-Michelle Cridland
    After-Michelle Cridland
    BeforeMichelle CridlandAfter
Michelle Cridland - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Miche | the little one?
Signature move: …?…

A little pocket rocket, Miche is a fab n fun addition to the 2017 team. A sensible head but bonkers too, she fits right in with this mad bunch!

  • Before-Wayne - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
    After-Wayne - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
    BeforeWayne - Celtic Quest Coasteering GuideAfter
Wayne Hough - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Wayne | the hoff
Signature move: One and a Half

This guy is a natural at falling with style. Don’t be fooled though, he’s got your back too, a keen eye for waves. When Wayne gets his Baywatch on, you know you’re in safe hands!

Other Team Members

  • Before-Rhiannon Tate
    After-Rhiannon Tate
    BeforeRhiannon TateAfter
Rhiannon Tate - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Rhi | “Lightyear”
Signature move: Falling with Style!

From ice creams to laughs n screams! Rhiannon grew up in the area, often spotted serving ice cream at Abereiddy beach. After many moons exploring and adventuring on the Pembrokeshire coast….Rhi is p-p-p-perfect material for our bonkers huddle!

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  • Before-Nick Rothengatter
    After-Nick Rothengatter
    BeforeNick RothengatterAfter
Nick Rothengatter - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Nick | the Flying Dutchman
Signature move: Falling star

After an afternoon adventuring with the team as a client, Nick was hooked and quick to apply for a position on our team. Now a fully fledged Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide, Nick brings an awesome dutch flavour to the mix.

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  • Before-Gabe York
    After-Gabe York
    BeforeGabe YorkAfter
Gabe York - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
“Sudz” | Gabe
Signature move: Smooth Gainer

With many years experience playing on the Pembrokeshire coast and a keen passion for outdoor adventure, Gabe is a perfect fit in our bonkers team. Armed with a mature (yet appropriately daft) attitude, he’ll have you crying with laughter in no time!

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  • Before-Dave Goodridge
    After-Dave Goodridge
    BeforeDave GoodridgeAfter
Dave Goodridge - Freelance Coasteering Guide
Dave | “Nexus”
Signature move: Dave’s Dive

Having spent 2013 & 2016 adventuring with the Celtic Quest Coasteering team in Pembrokeshire, Dave jumped on a plane and took a couple of years out to explore Australia & Thailand.

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  • Before-Luke harding
    After-Luke harding
    BeforeLuke hardingAfter
Luke Harding - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Lukey | “Superfly”
Signature move: The Penguin Dive

“Originally a sailing & powerboat instructor, I’ve always done Coasteering as a hobby, then i found out i could get paid to do something I love “Go with the flow!!” I like anything to do with water, socializing, football, skittles & red bull. I don’t like early starts and litter around our beautiful coastline!!”

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  • Before-Alex Mason
    After-Alex Mason
    BeforeAlex MasonAfter
Alex Mason - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
Almost PC | Mason
Signature move: Flipping Dive

“Born and bred in beautiful Pembrokeshire, nothing beats our coastline! A competitive swimmer from an early age, pool lifeguard and beach lifeguard. I’m willing to give anything a go more than once, but there is nothing better than the adrenaline rush you get whilst out coasteering!”

  • Before-Will Harding
    After-Will Harding
    BeforeWill HardingAfter
Will Harding - Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide
“Safety” | Will
Signature move: Uber Back Flip

“I’ve been messing around in the water on the Pembrokeshire Coastline since the age of five. There is no other office in the world I would rather work in! Stay Safe Kids!!”

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  • Before-ski
Kryssy - Freelance Coasteering Guide
Kryssy | CBA
Chief Brand Ambassador

“I started my adventure in Pembrokeshire as a Kayak instructor and soon began instructing Climbing, Surfing and Coasteering along the lush Pembrokeshire coastline. My adventure continues now as a wood worker with Sakura Workshop creating wooden bodysurf handplanes, SUP paddles and canoe paddles. I can be quite a rare sighting out on the water but always on hand to represent at shows and events so that Cleo and the crew don’t have to be to far from the sea for too long.”

  • Before-Eric Penguin
    After-Eric Penguin
    BeforeEric PenguinAfter
Eric the Penguin - Celtic Quest Coasteering Mascot
Eric | VIP
Very Important Penguin
Signature move: Penguin Photobomb

“You’ll find me involved with everything that Cleo & the team get up to… from joining every Coasteering adventure to messing about at gala nights!”