Disabled Coasteering

Celtic Quest can tailor an adventure to suit just about all abilities. The kit is super floaty so you don’t need to be a strong swimmer, Go With The Flow!
Your guide will make sure you CAN explore your adventure limits at your own level. If you are happy to get wet and give it a go, we’ll get you out there exploring the coast where the sea meets land!

As coasteering specialists we believe that outdoor activities are accessible to all. We have been joined by a wide range of disabled people from deaf, blind, hearing & visually impaired children & adults, to people with a learning and/or physical disability.


Pembrokeshire Coasteering is an outdoor activity exploring the coast at sea level. All Coasteering sessions with Celtic Quest are tailored to suit your groups expectations and abilities and can include cliff jumping, scramble climbing, adventure swimming, rock hopping and more.
We meet you at the beach. Visit the Contact us page for a map & directions to Abereiddy bay. We’ll bring all the adventure kit with us. After an introduction your group will get changed, listen to a safety brief, then you’re off.
Celtic Quest offer Coasteering adventures all year round.
Meeting you at the beach gives us more time to spend exploring the coast. We’re normally in the water for approx 2-2½ hours. Add to that getting changed before and after…it’s a good half day activity.
Summer Adventures run 9am-1200am & 1pm-4pm daily (March-October) Winter Adventures start at 11am or 1pm daily (November-February).
Your first dip will be refreshing, after that the wetsuits get to work and will keep you toasty warm throughout your adventure. Rain or shine – we can Coasteer, as you’ll be getting very wet anyway.
Abereiddy is wild & rural. While there are no changing rooms, we do have the van available for changing if needed.
Our minimum age is 8 years. We have no minimum group size, individuals and small groups are welcome, we can also accommodate larger groups.
You’ll need swimwear, a towel, an old pair of shorts and a pair of old trainers. We provide the rest, including – winter steamer wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, neoprene wetsuit gloves, hoods and socks.
No problem, your wetsuit and buoyancy aid are super floaty, so you just go with the flow. Your Guide will be close at hand throughout the activity and all elements are optional.
Your first dip will be refreshing, after that the wetsuits get to work and will keep you toasty warm throughout your adventure. Rain or shine – we can Coasteer, as you’ll be getting very wet anyway.
Provided you can be fully immersed in the sea and have a ‘can-do’ approach, then we’ll find a way to get you out Coasteering.
Please do give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

Customer Feedback

Coasteering, in the most basic sense, involves getting into the water, finding amazing things like rock surfaces, slides and currents that nature has created, and getting involved with them, whether that be jumping off a ledge from a height of 20ft and crashing into the water face-first (like I did), giving your backside a good workout as it slides down a pretty vertical rock-face to plunge you straight under (I did that too) or facing the current of what Cleo and her team call ‘the washing machine’ (yep, you guessed it!)…
First, we used the current and strength of the water to ‘body surf’ over small rocks – a euphoric feeling of weightlessness and I couldn’t stop giggling! Next was a backwards dive off a small ledge into the water with the guys there to support me. More squeals. I was having SO MUCH FUN…
A long way to look down, but with a huge scream I skidded down the face on my back and plunged into the water feet-first – an amazing feeling. I suddenly felt so capable. I can’t walk but I can definitely slide into the water!…
In short, if you like a challenge, want to do something exciting, know your limits and capabilities and don’t mind getting lifted around by some pretty hot men: go coasteering, you’ll flipping love it. Able-bodied or not.
Disabled Half-Day Coasteering Adventure
Date published: 16/09/2015
5 / 5 stars


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