Took the dogs coaststeering


The Pembrokeshire weather has been stunning this week.  We could’nt miss the opportunity to take the dogs out for a Coasteer.
Kato, our parsons terrier is mad for it.  He takes a ball with him, mostly to muffle the excited barking!

Aluna (Rhodesian Ridgeback) wasn’t impressed with the refreshing sea temperature.  She’d be quite happy just toasting in the sun.

Having stayed dry (ish) all winter it was great to get them back into it.  As you can see Aluna had a gentle start, while Kato just threw himself in.  Almost like a seasoned professional telling her to get on with it.
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The sun soon warmed them up, ready for the next plunge.

Kato’s like a little torpedo in the water and Aluna is getting the hang of towing us.

They are both strong swimmers, however the buoyancy aid’s mean they can swim for longer, they’re also a lot more floaty when the seas a bit rough.

Having tried various brands and designs, i highly recommend the ones shown in the pics.  The ‘float coat’ made by ‘Ruffwear‘ can be bought direct (US) or through ‘Canine Spirit‘ in the UK.  They are a little pricey, but a worthwhile expense if your dog spends a lot of time in the water.