Ok, who took the sun home with them..?


Someone must have packed our Pembrokeshire sun. It’s been indecisively raining for days.
Despite the winding wet morning, Lucy & Karen were well up for their second coasteer this week.
They came out with us on Tuesday, but sea conditions were huge so we didn’t get very far. They booked another session for today and boy were they glad they did.

Still pretty big, but FUN big, we ventured out along the headland.
Having explained that it was all about timing, the girls gradually got the hang of it – looking a little more like ‘a duck to water’ with each wave.
Karen volunteered to follow Cleo into the washing machine and got the full spin cycle. Lucy however timed it in between sets and gently drifted out to flatter water.
Being low tide, the lagoon jumps were challenging. Their first coasteer was on a high tide, so the step up to higher jumps was ideal.
Another wicked session!!