Coastguard tombstoning ad aims for safer Pembrokeshire coast


We found this article in the western telegraph and felt it worth repeating…..

A radio advert warning against the dangers of tombstoning will be broadcast over the Pembrokeshire airwaves this summer.
Coastguards have already been called to two tombstoning incidents this season: In June rescue teams evacuated a 23-year-old tourist from the base of Saundersfoot harbour wall.
The man, on holiday from Ebbw Vale, had decided to leap from the top, assuming there was sufficient water beneath to break his fall.
In fact the tide was out and the actual depth of water was around 2 inches. He sustained suspected fractures to both legs and feet and was taken to Withybush Hospital.
Tenby coastguard was called out again to a tombstoning incident. This time a group of eight young people were spotted jumping 60 – 70 feet off cliffs into shallow water between Castle Hill and the Fort,Tenby A police unit was also dispatched to the incident.
Further afield tombstoning has caused several deaths and several serious injuries.
Nick Biddlecombe, is permanently wheelchair bound after a devastating spinal injury sustained while tombstoning.
“We’d all go down there, but none of us had the intention of jumping; seeing who could prove that they were the bigger man really he said.
“I was bet 50p and a cigarette that I wouldn’t jump first, so I did.
“I remember waking up under the water, I tried to move my arms and my legs to swim up and I couldn’t”
The coastguard radio filler is part of an ongoing campaign advising against the “madness of tombstoning” following a spate of deaths from the activity in the last few years. “Sadly, we are dealing with deaths or injuries from this activity on a regular basis and we’d like to see far fewer devastated families,” said coastguard sector manager Ross Greenhill.
“The campaign aims to raise awareness amongst young people about the risks involved in tombstoning. Some of the people who have been badly injured tell us they just didn’t know how dangerous it can be.”