What to do on a day off…..take our dogs coasteering!


We awoke to bright sunshine and were spoilt for choice with what to do.
The unanimous decision was to take Aluna (Rhodesian Ridgeback) & Kato (Parsons Terrier) coasteering

Where to go?? On a beautiful day like this everywhere would be packed so we decided to go out of Aberbach. We packed our kit and the dogs into the van and were off. Kato was like a bag of monkeys all the way there, sooooo excited. Aluna on the other hand took it all in her stride.

Aluna and Kato Coasteering

We remembered to take a bark-muffling device (tennis ball) with us. Kato gets sooooo excited and barks all the way round.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Coasteering

Aluna did amazingly well, it was her first proper coasteer!
When we got in and swam she would back-track and find another route, thus avoiding the water. When she did swim, it was like a race between both the dogs. We could barely keep up. Wearing their Ruffwear Floatcoat’s they could paddle along for ages.

Dogs Coasteering

Aluna has yet to find her feet when it comes to rock-hopping. It’s almost like she throws her weight in one direction and her legs just try to keep up.

Parsons Terrier Coasteering