Tiny seal pup encounter…


Out Coasteering the other day when we came across this little cutie.
Took a quick photo (well impressed with the zoom on the Pentax W60, we were stood approx 25m away!), then a detour to avoid disturbing the little chap.
Quite a few members of the public were concerned that it had been abandoned. This is usually not the case. Mother seal goes out to sea at low tide to feed and will return to feed her pup when the tide comes in.
This little guy can only be a day or so old as he’s tiny, his eyes are still closed and he’s not quite got that fluffy/chubby look about him.
We informed Pembs Outdoor Charter Group, who sent out notice to all the Outdoor Centres in Pembs advising them to keep a wide berth and reduce noise to a minimum if in the vicinity.
We’ll monitor his progress and keep you posted.