Skydiving Wedding Proposal – Lukey & Rachel


Well well well…not unexpected but the boy did good!

Oct 2012, they just couldn’t put it off any longer… Celtic Quest Coasteering Guide Luke & his partner Rachel jumped on a plane to New Zealand. Big plans for travelling, exploring, experiencing all that NZ had to offer. And boy did it deliver!

Via the wonders of technology and that monster…social media…we’ve followed their adventures on Facebook. Work, beach, party, the outback, the vehicles (standard!), kangaroos and other creatures, snow, snowboarding (and the HUGE jumps!), the onesies, Chelsea the kiwi, spiders, Guiness and of course, not forgetting the people!

A year later they jump on another plane to Australia. Making many friends, creating many memories along the way.


This happened…

A surprise trip to go Skydiving in Perth, transformed into a proposal of marriage!
Ever the showman, Lukey you just raised the bar! #GoBigorGoHome
We’re sooooo stoked for you guys, big love from everyone back home in Pembrokeshire.
Thanks to the team at Skydive Geronimo for making it happen!
Now get your butt back to Wales, there’s Coasteering to be done!

Sky Diving Wedding Proposal