Pembrokeshire Scallops, sustainably and locally caught, oh and they're bloomin' tasty!

Braving Welsh winter seas for Pembrokeshire Scallops


Well they say you learn something new every day…. I didn’t know the scallop season was during the winter months. When most of us are hanging up our wetsuits for a winter break, the boys at Pembrokeshire Scallops are just getting started!!

“Just after many Divers have put away their dive gear for the winter, having driven back from the dive show thinking about about warm clear tropical waters, we are busy servicing and testing all our dive rigs. The season is a winter one for us.
From November through til May we dive 4 – 5 days a week if we can, weather permitting. Best visibility last year was 5m, worst was 18 inches! Still managed a bag though.
So when you look outside and its snowing or hailing, think about the hard working dive crew of Pembrokeshire Scallops, bringing home the most delicious scallops on the planet. All done without smashing up the sea bed.” Neil Walters, Partner – Pembrokeshire Scallops.

  • Diver caught Pembrokeshire scallops, Fresh as a fresh thing!
  • It takes an awesome kind of dedication to dive these seas in winter!
  • Dive gear and some of the days catch of scallops
  • Pembrokeshire Scallops at Haverfordwest Farmers Market, Friday mornings 0900-1200

Not only are their scallops bloomin’ tasty but all sustainably caught. Diving down 14-30m, handpicking the larger scallops (leaving the smaller ones for future seasons), lugging the catch bag along the bottom, and all at daft o’clock in the morning, in a somewhat ‘chilly’ and often rough sea!

If you’re a Pembrokeshire eatery or accommodation provider etc and want to offer these tasty sustainably caught, locally sourced scallops to guests, you’ll find Pembrokeshire Scallops on Facebook.
Failing that, if like us you want them for your own table, pop down to Haverfordwest Farmers Market on a Friday morning 0900-1200.