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Playa de Zapillo 2014

So New Years Eve is here, big fiesta organised at Casa del Lucia for tonight. Yet another relaxing start to the day, nip up the playa for a coffee or three and some peach jam on toast mmmmm!
Mr T got a call from the hospital, the signal was pants but we got the message that Lucia had been take into hospital during the night having suffered a heart attack! Wtf springs to mind, only hours before she was chilling with us, painting nails etc.
Anyway, Mr T finally got the word that she was OK but would be kept in hospital for observation for a week or so.
Lucia telephoned Mr T herself, she was more concerned about the party going ahead and did we have enough food etc for the celebrations. Needless to say the fiesta was cancelled.
We popped up into town for some fruit and bits. Had a bite to eat then off up the hospital for a visit. Lucia was looking better than expected, full of colour with normal bp and heartrate, phew!
Well impressed with Spanish hospital. Although she was in ICU we were able to visit in pairs. A room to herself with plenty of staff on hand just in case. Apparently the specialist will be having a look (magic cameras etc) tomorrow. Which in itself is impressive, I can’t imagine the same service with NHS in UK on a bank holiday.
Knowing that she’s on the mend and in good hands we head back to the beach apartment to see in the New Year with a glass of Baileys. Turned on the telly hoping to find Big Ben, ended up watching Adios 2014. Just ridiculously funny, a mix up of spanish tvs best bits of 2013 including Spain’s got Talent.
As the clock struck midnight we headed out to the balcony to watch the fireworks but there was a slight delay….. Grapes! 12 grapes to be eaten, one with each bong of the clock. Many people soak their grapes in Anis for the whole year, it’s like 12 shots of nuclear powered aniseed.
Finally the fireworks begin, looking out over the sea of Alboran we had an awesome panoramic view of Roquetas and Aguadulce. Then the locals turned out on the beach. Fantastic sillyness with fireworks and firecrackers on the beach to kick start 2014.