Working hard or hardly working?


What do you do when you here that alarm go off for work in the morning? Well in an ideal world you wouldn’t have an alarm as you wouldn’t have to work, right?! But this is the real world so that alarm isn’t going to turn itself off!

Getting up in the morning as a guide for Celtic Quest Coasteering is not the usual work life monotony that many people may experience. I mean, what sort of weirdo goes to the office on their day off?!
Waking up in the morning and the worst thought being ‘do I have to put on a wet wetsuit?’ really isn’t that bad, once you get used to that damp, cold, unpleasant feeling of your wetsuit that hasn’t had time to dry out properly since the start of the summer.


Once at the beach (yes, that is my office) #stepintomyoffice pic? we greet our morning clients that have decided it was a good idea to jump off cliffs into the sea, scramble along rocks and get washed around in the water (well they’ve come to the right place) with our outgoing if, slightly deranged and welcoming team.

One of the first great entertainments of the day is the wetsuit brief! In short, ‘wetsuits are now inside out and we need #zipattheback’. I enjoy the faces that are pulled as they all think that it won’t be them that can’t manage to put on their neoprene skin correctly…and then…there is ALWAYS ONE that gets it wrong!!!

After a chat about “safety”, the fun and games begin… (I’m mean the real work begins) climbing along the shore at Abereiddy. Exploring caves, small, medium and large jumps with the mandatory belly flop, cannonball and ‘whatever you fancy’ jumps (*other jumps are available, please see photos and video on our Facebook page) and not forgetting a good spin cycle in the wave machines.

I enjoy the facial expressions of fear, trepidation and eagerness as they initially see what lies ahead of them (not in a sadistic sort of way, honest) and then the smile, whoops of enjoyment and feelings of accomplishment as they look up from sea level at the height they jumped from.

Finally, ending the session in the world famous Blue Lagoon is often a huge highlight for many as the high cliffs, uber depth and amazing turquoise water are wonderful. Once on the other side of the lagoon we wrap up the coaster with a now, equally famous #survivorphoto with optional extras such as the Tang-fastic face, Van Halen ‘Jump’ or the POWER (said in a Jerome Clarkson voice) lung.

So, we end our coasteering adventure back at the van, for the clients it’s a feeling of accomplishment, fun and excitement. And, I won’t lie it’s the same for us, too. Now to #rinseandrepeat as we eat, sleep, coasteer for six straight weeks! (But I wouldn’t have it any other way #lovemyjob).

Gaz Chilton – Coasteering Guide