St Nons Coasteering


Met the group in St Davids. Four Americans and two Brits.
Got kitted up with wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets etc.
Walked 15 mins to coast then the adventure began.

The cool water was refreshingly welcome and after the initial ‘wow that’s cold’ we all warmed up.
There were loads of moon jelly fish about today. I’m guessing the calm warm waters have attracted them and the lack of swell has made them group in sheltered bays.
The group weren’t enthused about swimming in amongst them, until i grabbed a couple “small moon jellies don’t sting us” i say, launching one in their general direction. Having all had a good look at and hold of said jelly fish we were ready for some serious belly flop action.

The Americans took to this like ducks to water. Some excellent freestyle moves in mid air, followed by a crowd pleasing splash.

The water was flat, glassy blue and made for some awesome pics.

A great time had by all, Brits turned out to be natural cliff jumpers, nailing a perfect landing every time. Lets hope this weathers here for the summer.
Off to Stackpole Quay tomorrow morning, spider crab spotting me thinks….