Sea kayaking – The Witch’s Caldron

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Lib and I finally got a day off (at the same time!) so HAD to get out and do something. After a cup of tea and a look at weather forecasts, maps etc it was decided – sea kayaking somewhere new.

I had done coasteering to the witch’s caldron but figured it would be less intrusive at this time of year (seal pupping season) to go in sea kayaks.
Gulp down the tea, pack the kit, load boats and we we’re off.

A minor moment with my footrests, oh for some wd40, grrr.
A stunning September day, the big decision – do we wear cags. After five minutes of paddling we decide its just too hot, off comes the cag.

We ventured out of Ceibwr Bay and left along the coast. It wasn’t long before we spotted an Atlantic grey seal popping its head up behind us. At one point Libby nearly bopped one on the head. It popped up right beside her boat, just as she was about to put in a paddle stroke.

All the secluded bays and big caves had seal pups on the beaches, with mother and bull seal watching over them.

We reached the cave entrance to the witch’s caldron and quietly floated in. An awesome sight – seal pup sat on the pebbles with mum and dad chilling in the lagoon. Giving them a wide berth we sneak out the other side.

Not wanting to frighten mum and dad seal, we continued our journey along the coast, stopping for a spot of mackerel fishing along the way. No surprise we didn’t catch a thing, I reckon the seals had got there first!

On our return journey we snuck into the caldron again. As the tide was coming in, this time the pup was in the lagoon playing with the seaweed. Mum and dad seal looked much more relaxed. Probably due to pup being in the water and not stranded on the beach (out of their protective reach).

After a short pause for pics, we ventured out and back to Ceibwr Bay. Having timed the tides just right, we had a short carry up the beach to the car.

I’m totally inspired and have already written my letter to Santa requesting a new sea kayak, fingers crossed I’ve been a good girl eh!