Regenerate UK take on Pembrokeshire Coasteering


Super spring low tide this afternoon made for superb coasteering conditions.
The guys from Regenerate UK got stuck into the smaller jumps, getting a feel for falling in style.

The trip back through the cave had its ups and downs for some (literally) we timed it just right to catch some swell and almost body surfed out into the bay.

Following a spot of traversing, we worked our way up to the bigger cliff jumps.  With a desent size swell running the guys had to time thier jump to be on the wave (smaller) or after it (bigger).

Another swim across the bay and we found ourselves marooned on a small island, pause for a pose, then off to the Blue Lagoon.

The top jump was a scream inducing 35ft.  Having had our fill of falling with style we headed for the beach and a well earned coffee/ice cream from Matt’s van.