Opened the curtains to a beautiful morning. Sun shinin, blue skies, dulcet tones of Kato (parsons terrier) barking to be let out. Neighbouring farmer lets his chickens & ducks out at the crack of dawn, causing Kato much frustration. He can’t understand why we won’t let him out to chase them.

Walked dogs. Once again our hyper-intelligent dog thinks if he digs hard enough he’ll catch the moles up in the field. With Aluna (Rhodesian Ridgeback) lazing in the sun, wondering what all the fuss is about.

I’m off to Bluestone for a networking breakfast today and the ‘Beat the Credit Crunch’ event run by PBI, with a presentation from the man described as ‘The entrepreneurship guru’ (The Financial Times) and ‘Probably the UK’s most sought-after speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship and business growth’.

I’ll give you all his top tips later today….