Rainy day 3 at County Show


The weather had been pretty mixed throughout the show and today was no exception. Here’s a short clip of the downpours that came and went throughout the day.

This didn’t stop the visitors or traders from having a great day. Lots of wellies and a few brave umbrella’s. The show’s organisers were living up to their name, tractors spent all day doing the rounds with wood chippings – stopping the ‘soggier’ patches becoming mud baths.
We took the time to try some of the food on offer. A oriental platter, strawberries and marshmallows dipped in Belgian chocolate fountain, choc and strawberry crepes and of course the GIANT Oggies.
Despite his best efforts, Jordan just couldn’t win a teddy at the fair ground stalls so I settled for a pic with a gigantic puffin and an even bigger potato!

We’re looking forward to next years show, which is promising to be bigger and better! Thinking about a water feature and maybe a tower, who knows!