The penguins are coming to Folly Farm…


We’ve been out and about recently spreading the news (like you didn’t already know!!) that Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo are developing a new enclosure for p-p-p-penguins <(“)

The 16 Humboldt penguins which have travelled from France, Germany and Cornwall are finding their way around their new saltwater enclosure at Folly Farm. They are settling well and are currently being housed in the quarantine area of the new enclosure.

Penguin Coast will open to the public end of April/beginning of May.

The Humbolt penguin is a South American penguin, that breeds in the wild in coastal Peru and Chile.  They nest on islands and rocky coasts, burrowing holes in guano and sometimes using scrapes or caves.
Due to a declining population caused in part by over-fishing, climate change, and ocean acidification, the current status of the Humboldt penguin is threatened.  Folly Farms penguins will be part of a European Breeding Programme.