An epic engagement – Luke’s proposal!


Check out what Luke had to say about his epic proposal:

“After a month of ring shopping whilst Rachel was in work I decided to get one from the Vera Wang Love Collection. This ring is significant as it has a blue sapphire which is not only my favourite colour but also is the same colour as the ocean (my favourite place). On getting the ring the next bit was the easy half of the planning. Going down on one knee in a restaurant just isn’t me as I’m sure most people knowing me would agree. So it had to be something fitted my personality and also be something we hadn’t experienced as a couple yet!! A skydive seemed the most logical thing, it was then a question of finding a company who could accommodate my request and also at a location of pure natural beauty!!

Bussleton was my choice of location (4.5 south of Perth) due to it’s very historic Geographe Bay. I called the guys at Southern skydivers down there and they we’re as excited as me about it. They had previously done proposals but none on the level I wanted. My request was simple, the biggest skydive possible (15,000ft, 66 second free fall), to jump over the stunning Geographe Bay and have a beach landing, separate video footage of both of us, me to land first, half a dozen red roses, a banner on the sand (big enough to see from approx 1500ft), video footage of Rach’s reaction on seeing the banner and then video footage of the actual proposal and then last but by no means least a bottle of fine champagne beach front at the Goose Restaurant!!

Once a price was agreed and a date booked, getting Rach down there without suspicion would be the hard part. When my folks came out at Xmas we wanted to do Bussleton Jetty but were unable to due to bookings but me and Rach said we’d come back down before we live to do it…perfect, so I booked the Jetty and Under Water Observatory Tour around Rach’s rostered day off and then told her that’s what we we’re doing.

The day arrives we’re up at the crack of dawn, 5am and we’re on the road. We arrive in to Bussleton for 8am and have Breakfast beach front at the Goose Restaurant. The waters so calm and crystal clear, blue sky and not a breath of wind!! After this we do the Jetty and Under Water Observatory and what an amazing tour it was. After this whilst walking back I told Rach that I’d organised a walk for us which was about 15mins put of town. On the car journey on the way out Rach has no clue what so ever as to whats about to happen.

As I’m a minute away from the airport I hand my phone to Rachel and say “I had this weird text come through last night and I don’t know who its from but I think you should read it.” The text was a confirmation message I’d received the evening prior from Southern Skydivers, confirming a two person skydive under my name. As the penny dropped as to what she was reading I pulled into the airport. I wish I could have filmed her reaction…PRICELESS!!!

After the initial I was joking etc etc, I think it dawned on her as I pulled up outside the sky dive centre…and true to Rachel she didn’t for one second say she can’t or wouldn’t do it!! Due to Rachel not having a clue about this she obviously didn’t have appropriate attire for the jump, however I’d packed her a bag full of all the essentials. So whilst she was off getting changed this gave me time to hand the ring to the ground team who were going to meet us at the drop zone. Once briefed and kitted up we had some video footage taken of us and then up, up and away.A 21yr old pilot was in charge of getting us to 15000ft.After a 25min scenic flight over the stunning Geographe Bay we we’re at jump height.

As I prepared to open the door and jump first, I look back and with the biggest smile ever, I tell Rach I’ll see her at the bottom and this will be the best thing she’ll ever do…SHE HAS NO CLUE!!!

Here goes…WOW, what a rush, indescribable feeling as you go past the 200kph mark, 66 seconds of free fall gone in the blink of an eye! It’s then time to have a go on the controls of the parachute and have a closer look around Geographe Bay.

As we come round to 1500ft I can see the banner and then the excitement goes from doing the skydive and the rush starts for whats going to be the highlight of the day. I land unstrap and run over to the banner, where I collect the ring and roses. I then have a couple of minutes to watch Rach come down and compose myself.

As she nears, her tandem buddy points out the sign to her and then she glides round and into land where she is met with me on one knee with ring box in one hand and red roses in the other!! She’s unclipped and runs straight into my arms!!! I hope there tears of excitement more than tears of terror from the jump. After the initial embrace I ask her to marry me and she said yes!!

Adter this we enjoyed a bottle of champagne beach side at the Goose and soaked up the rays and talked about the whole experience and how I’d planned it etc etc. From here it was a journey back up the freeway to Rach’s gym class, I’d told her to bring a nice change of clothes, make up etc etc as ai was going to pick her up once done and take her into the city for a meal.

I drop her off and rush home, quick shower and then there’s just enough time for me to put the finishing touches on her surprise engagement party which I organised. All our friends were there and lots of alcohol. I’d been out and bought copious amounts of Moet (well I couldn’t cheap out at this stage)!! I pick her up and tell her I forgot my wallet and just have to pop back to the house quickly. I give the guys at the house a quick text to say I’m on my way with the “package.”

On pulling into the street, Rachel has no clue that she’s about to have her 3rd big surprise of the day. She’s finishing putting on her make up when I pull up to the house and she realises that there’s loads of people on our front lawn!!

YES, the champagne cork is popped and we’re showered in champagne and party poppers!! Safe to say this day could not have gone any more perfect even if I’d tried. One surprise after another after another has set me a very high bench mark to surpass and leaving us both a day we will never forget!!”