Coasteering in the rain…


How much can it rain in one morning, LOTS is todays answer.
We got to St Davids early and thought we’d put the kettle on while waiting for the group…… The skies opened, bucket loads of rain, but not cold.
The girls pitched up, a little soggy and not too sure if we would go ahead.
They had spent the week backpacking and didn’t look inspired with the idea of getting even wetter.

Not to worry, we said, you’ll get wet anyway!

We get changed, wetsuit, buoyancy aid etc and walk down to St Non’s. The rain didn’t let up until we jumped in the sea.
It was like someone turned off the tap… the sun came out, patches of blue sky.

After the initial jump, brrrrrrr, “actually it’s not that cold”… we moved on to the toilet bowl, which was working brilliantly today.

Thoroughly flushed we explored the coast, jumping, swimming, stopping for hot chocolate, until we reached Jumps Bay. One of the girls works as an engineer on wind farms, so we figured she’d have no problems with the height of the bigger jumps…

Wrong…. they were just high enough to challenge their limits. The whole group gradually made their way up to the high jump.
A little soggy and quite exhausted we strolled back to the van.
The girls reckoned they would be booking again as a surprise for their dad’s 50th birthday.
An awesome session was had by all.