Mazda CoastalX CX3 tour visits Wales

Mazda #‎CoastalX‬ CX3 tour

Cleopatra Pembrokeshire

Mazda CoastalX CX3 tour visits Pembrokeshire Wales. Coastal road trips are awesome, stopping off at Abereiddy Beach for a dip in the sea and the blue Lagoon…perfect! Mazda #‎CoastalX‬ CX3 tour was last modified: April 15th, 2021 by Cleopatra

Abereiddy beach carpark coast erosion, storm damage without the sea wall

Shrinking carpark at Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire

Cleopatra Pembrokeshire

Realignment of the coastline at Abereiddy was identified as the best approach to addressing the failing sea wall and its impacts on the beach. The underlying thinking of the project was “to accept a move away from an ever increasing need for management”. [baslider name=”Abereiddy”] [baslider name=”AbereiddySteps”] I’ve been using Abereiddy and the Blue Lagoon for Coasteering and other adventure …

Celtic Quest Coasteering Team at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show 2016

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We had a fantastic time at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show 2016. Exhibiting opposite Visit Wales, did you see their GIANT telly!! Four shows on one ticket, not just the Outdoor Show, but also the London Bike Show 2016, Triathlon Show London 2016 and the London International Dive Show! Jaw dropping displays by the competitors over at the …

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2016 - returning to Pembrokeshire Wales!

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2016

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They wowed crowds of spectators back in 2012 and 2013 with spectacular displays of their cliff diving bravery. Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will be returning to Pembrokeshire Wales on 11th September 2016. We’re super excited to see the addition of female divers to this years line-up. With two British athletes in the 14 men and 8 female-strong divers …

Man Points - Swimming Outdoors in the Winter

Man Points – Swimming Outdoors in the Winter

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A man should always take the opportunity to have an outdoor dip. However, if another man suggests it first then it is absolutely vital to join in or risk looking a sissy. Shameless plug for Pembrokeshire…. *insert one of many beaches here* is perfect for this #WalesAdventure #FindYourEpic Man Points – Swimming Outdoors in the Winter was last modified: February …


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Winter 2015, sat in a local pub with the team, discussing marketing strategies and daft ideas, we had an inspirationally bold idea…. 2016 is Wales Year of Adventure, with that in mind how about sharing a daily adventure! The adventure begins! Follow us on instagram for a daily dose of silliness… #365adventures was last modified: February 4th, 2016 by Cleopatra

Photo mosaic Wales map, made up of Coasteering adventure images and pictures - Celtic Quest Coasteering Jump into Wales

Cwtch up, get closer to Wales Coasteering!

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‘Cwtch’ is the Welsh word for cuddle, not just any type of cuddle however, a rather special one, blessed with the warmth and generosity of the Welsh, a truly free flowing expression of love and acceptance. We’ve put over 30,000 individual Coasteering images together to make up this photo mosaic of Wales Adventures! Click the image, then cwtch up to …

Cleopatra & Nikki Interview Oddsox Productions Pembrokeshire

Wild West Wales

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We took a trip down to Abereiddy today and stayed dry! As a finalist for the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards we have been asked to submit an elevator pitch. Step into our office…Abereiddy and it’s Blue Lagoon is a fantastic backdrop. Wind was blowing a gale but weather was dry. We tucked down near the Blue Lagoon itself to find …

Welsh Dragon Coasteering at Abereiddy Bay in Pembrokeshire

2016 is Wales’ Year of Adventure

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This year Celtic Quest Coasteering is taking part in Wales’s Year of Adventure: a celebration of the wide range of adventure experiences this great country has to offer, with its outstanding natural landscapes and rich and distinctive culture. Join us for The Great Weekend of Adventure 2nd & 3rd April 2016. Half price Coasteering if you join us in fancy …

CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing - Marketing Excellence Awards 2016

CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 2016

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Ahhhhhh, we’re through….again! Yes that’s right folks, Celtic Quest Coasteering Ltd are finalist in the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 2016 in the Marketing Campaign of the Year SME category. The CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) Marketing Excellence Awards are an annual event created to highlight, celebrate and promote excellence within the field. These provide individuals, teams and agencies from …