Abereiddy beach carpark coast erosion, storm damage without the sea wall

Shrinking carpark at Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire


Managed realignment at Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire

Realignment of the coastline at Abereiddy was identified as the best approach to addressing the failing sea wall and its impacts on the beach. The underlying thinking of the project was “to accept a move away from an ever increasing need for management”.

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I’ve been using Abereiddy and the Blue Lagoon for Coasteering and other adventure activities for over 20 years. There have been many changes, some gradual and gentle, others almost instant and pretty dramatic.

The deterioration and removal of the seawall and the inevitable changes to the carpark & beach itself are drama worthy of note.

Sea defences were built at the beach in the 1960s, but deteriorated significantly over the following decades. Studies showed that they were also having an adverse impact on the beach in front. Pembrokeshire County Council’s Shoreline Management Plan identified that the best approach would be to allow natural realignment of the coast.

Abereiddy Bay in 1960 before the seawall

The works involved progressive removal of the existing defences, allowing nature to take its course. As a realignment project, Abereiddy is very different to many other examples, with the underlying thinking being “to accept a move away from an ever increasing need for management”.

What is managed realignment?
Managed realignment is an environmental management approach that involves altering the location of the line of defence, working to provide a more sustainable position from which to manage flood and erosion risks.

For more detailed information please visit the ICE website for the case study on the managed realignment at Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire.