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Sisters birthday BBQ in Swansea. Was great to meet up with long time no see friends and family. Lets see if we can all stay in touch this time! Two awesome coasteering sessions. Morning at Abereiddi with a crazy stag group, afternoon at ceirfai with a couple staying at Larkhill Tipi’s. Sunshine and swell, what more can you ask for. …

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Well what an eye-opener that was! Robert Craven gave a presentation on “How to survive and thrive in the current economic climate”. The main thing I’ll take away from it is the philosophy that if it’s not working change/fix it – i.e. take action now rather than later or worse still, leave it till it’s too late! It was good …


Cleopatra Pembrokeshire

Opened the curtains to a beautiful morning. Sun shinin, blue skies, dulcet tones of Kato (parsons terrier) barking to be let out. Neighbouring farmer lets his chickens & ducks out at the crack of dawn, causing Kato much frustration. He can’t understand why we won’t let him out to chase them. Walked dogs. Once again our hyper-intelligent dog thinks if …

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Kato (Parsons Terrier) and Aluna (Rhodesian Ridgeback) trying out their new CQC uniform ready for the summer holidays. It’ll be Aluna’s first season Coasteering in Pembrokeshire. Adventure training over the winter was a little chilly but she has taken to it like a duck to water. PR Puppies was last modified: November 2nd, 2014 by Cleopatra