Hundreds of new pics ……


This blogging thing’s hard work when your in the water all day and some of the night. Just uploaded a gazillion pics to our facebook page – Bristol and LNR ACF summer camp adventures. Bristol ACFWe had an awesome week guys, after a murky Monday the Pembs sun shone through. You lot are all nuts, hope to see ya for …

Ice-cream van man….


….and woman! These guys serve up the tastiest icecream in Pembs imho, their cheese and onion toasties are just what’s needed after a long Coasteer.



The adventure continues.Despite the rain the cadets had an awesome day. After a quick change into ‘damp’ wetsuits, they were ready.

LNR ACF Day one


LNR Army cadets are in Pembs on summer camp and took the awesome decision to do some Coasteering. Here are a few pics from day one…. How long can you hold on..? Belly flopping in style… Big Jumps at low tide…

From sunshine to showers


Wednesday, another international group – all the way from Holland.Perfect weather and conditions for that adrenaline fix. A beautiful day on Thursday.Sun shining, waves rolling in, a totally up-for-it group. Aged 50 plus the group thoroughly enjoyed exploring and even did the big tower jumps.

Pulling Shapes…


Small group today, Coasteering at Abereiddy. Amidst loads of other groups and zillions of tourists we were able to pull off some awesome shapes on the lower freestyle jumps before heading out to the higher cliff jumping. Another sunny Pembrokeshire afternoon. Again a super low tide so lots of exploring of rock pools. Still no spider crabs, we reckon they’ve …

Uber seaweed at low tide


Today’s adventure was with a mixed group at Abereiddi.Low tide = loads of seaweed, but oodles of space in the through cave. Jill, Norman and Stuart (Signum Media) joined us. Jill’s second Coasteer – a lot more confident this time, a definite water babe.As you can see there was loads of seaweed, which made getting out of the water interesting. …

Pembrokeshire’s RNLI lifeguards back beach bands scheme


Local lifeguards are backing a scheme to keep children safe at the seaside this summer. Last summer in Pembrokeshire alone, there were 43 reports of missing children received by the RNLI lifeguards, and 526 across the UK. The RNLI and coastguards have teamed up to try and ease the problem by offering brightly coloured wristbands for children to wear while …

What to do on a day off…..take our dogs coasteering!


We awoke to bright sunshine and were spoilt for choice with what to do. The unanimous decision was to take Aluna (Rhodesian Ridgeback) & Kato (Parsons Terrier) coasteering Where to go?? On a beautiful day like this everywhere would be packed so we decided to go out of Aberbach. We packed our kit and the dogs into the van and …

Coastguard tombstoning ad aims for safer Pembrokeshire coast


We found this article in the western telegraph and felt it worth repeating….. A radio advert warning against the dangers of tombstoning will be broadcast over the Pembrokeshire airwaves this summer. Coastguards have already been called to two tombstoning incidents this season: In June rescue teams evacuated a 23-year-old tourist from the base of Saundersfoot harbour wall. The man, on …