2minutebeachclean Pembrokeshire

2 minutes that is all the time you need to spare!

Whenever you head down to the beach whether it be; winter/summer, rain/sun, 5 minutes for an ice-cream or a full day a splashing around, do a 2 minute beach clean.

Essentially it involves pickup up any piece of rubbish that litters a beach area for (you guessed it, 120seconds). By doing this you are helping massively to help remove dangers for wildlife in the marine environment.

Plastics don’t biodegrade; they simply get broken down into tiny particles (which is a bad thing).

Larger pieces of litter, such as nets and rope can trap: birds, seals, whales, dolphins and porpoises. While smaller pieces may not entangle wildlife, instead it gets mistaken for food.

Why your 2 minute beach clean makes a difference

We hope you can help on a mission to clean up the World’s oceans starting at the beach! For more information on how, where and news check out #2minutebeachclean all over social media.

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