Coasteering Wales involves rock climbing, cliff jumping, wild swimming and lots of fun adventure activities in between. Experience the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park from a unique perspective. Family activity holidays in Pembrokeshire, Wales don't get more exciting than this, with action packed fun days out on the Pembs coast. Coasteering is often described as extreme rock pooling, kayaking without a boat, surfing without a board. Why not combine a walking holiday weekend in Wales with Coaststeering in Pembrokeshire. Wild swimming through caves, seal spotting in the hidden coves along the Pembrokeshire coast.  The maximum height of the Coasteering cliff jumps is 45ft, all of which are optional. The coastline of Wales has an abundance of water features including the toilet flush and washing machine, creating a natural water park. Pembrokshire Coasteering - whats stopping you?
Celtic Quest Coasteering reviews
“Third Time and Still Fantastic!”
Date Published: 09/08/2014
"This is our third consecutive year of Coasteering with Celtic Quest. We wouldn't choose anyone else or anywhere else. The staff are fantastically enthusiastic, fun, encouraging and careful."
5 stars
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  • CQCoasteering - National Tourism Awards Wales CQCoasteering - National Tourism Awards Wales Celtic Quest Coasteering is the Best Visitor Experience in Wales - National Tourism Awards Wales 2013! Join us for an unforgetable adventure on the Pembrokeshire coast. We love what we do and you'll love it too!
  • CQCoasteering - The Art of Coasteering CQCoasteering - The Art of Coasteering The Art of Coasteering in Pembrokeshire. If cliff jumping and sea cliff climbing is on your bucket list then a visit to South West Wales is a must!
  • CQCoasteering - Coasteering Jumps CQCoasteering - Coasteering Jumps Coasteering Pembrokeshire is wet, wild fun on the rocks. Coasteering involves a mix of cliff jumping, scramble climbing, body surfing, wild swimming and more.
  • CQCoasteering - Welsh Company of the Year CQCoasteering - Welsh Company of the Year Award winning Coasteering. South Wales Chamber of Commerce Business Awards - Welsh Tourism Acheivement & Welsh Company of the Year!!
  • CQCoasteering - Coasteering Wales CQCoasteering - Coasteering Wales Belly flopping while Coasteering in Pembrokeshire. From the lower ledges practice your stunt jumps, flips and dives. All jumps are optional, jump in and go with the flow!
  • CQCoasteering - Pembrokeshire Caves CQCoasteering - Pembrokeshire Caves We can often explore sea caves at low tide. Check out the weird and wonderful marine life that inhabit the darker corners of our coastline. Outdoor pursuits adventure in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
  • CQCoasteering - Rock Hopping CQCoasteering - Rock Hopping Rock hopping is just one of the techniques used to traverse our coastline. Wales has some of the best Coasteering locations in the world. Scramble across the rocky shore, Ninja Crab style....when the rocks run out, jump in and swim to the next water feature!
  • CQCoasteering - Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards CQCoasteering - Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards A winning team...Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards - Best Water-Based Experience in Pembrokeshire Award winner.
  • CQCoasteering - Cliff Jumping CQCoasteering - Cliff Jumping Cliff jumping. Our experienced Coasteering guides will ensure your safety throughout your activity. Starting from 2ft slowing increasing in height to a heart racing 10m. Guides will tailor your adventure and all jumps are optional.
  • CQCoasteering - Adventure Swimming CQCoasteering - Adventure Swimming
  • CQCoasteering - Sea Level Traversing CQCoasteering - Sea Level Traversing Sea level traversing, how far can you climb before gravity wins? Climbing sideways just above the sea, if you fall, you fall in water. See the Wales coast path and its sea cliffs from a whole new dimention.
  • CQCoasteering - Children Coasteering CQCoasteering - Children Coasteering Go with the flow, children as young as 8 years up to teenagers enjoy a family day out coasteering. Wetsuit gloves, hoods and socks are provided to keep you toasty warm during your adventure.
  • CQCoasteering - Toilet Flush CQCoasteering - Toilet Flush Toilet flushing. The Pembrokeshire coast has an abundance of water features, transforming it into a natural water park. Water chutes, pour over, whirlpools. Feel the raw power of the ocean under the watchful eye of your Coasteering guide.
  • CQCoasteering - Pembrokeshire Seals CQCoasteering - Pembrokeshire Seals Atlantic grey seals are often along the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park from August to November. The seal pups can be quite inquisitive, often swimming right up to a Coasteering group to say hello.
  • CQCoasteering - Coasteering Pembrokeshire CQCoasteering - Coasteering Pembrokeshire Pembrokshire Coasteering - whats stopping you?
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